What is a Designer?

A designer is a person who designs things. A designer does this through the process of conceptualizing an idea, drawing it, and then bringing it into reality by making a physical example or demonstration. Designing is the process by which something is conceptualized abstractly from the real world. It is the application of ideas to create a practical object, idea, technique or even a system. A designer is one who designs things in a particular way or simply a person who can conceive of new things and bring them into reality.

Designers are also known as typists, graphics artists, computer programmers, computer engineers or architects and so on. A graphic designer is a person who designs things or gives instructions for their design either verbally or electronically. Their role is similar to that of the designer in a building. They are involved in all the steps of product design, form creation, graphic design, and user experience.

To become a designer one needs to have a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline such as arts, business, computers, computer science etc. Then he/she must be ready to spend three years learning how to become a designer through a specialized apprenticeship program. After graduating, the individual should get some work experience so that he/she has the hands-on experience. The most important part of the designer career is that all the designing is done by him/herself under his own supervision. The industrial design team usually consists of designers, architects, engineers and other members.

In order to be a designer in motion graphics, one needs to have a degree in Industrial Design, Fine Arts or Visual Communications. In addition to that, he/she needs to be skilled in computer skills, since most of the design jobs require this proficiency. To become an industrial designer, one needs to complete a two year diploma course in industrial design from a reputed institution with a good faculty.

A graphic designer does most of the work in designing and editing of motion graphics. He can also work on the conceptualizing of the product. He is usually involved in all the step of product development from idea to completion. Once the development is completed, the designer is required to create the final product presentation. Thus, interaction design designers are very crucial for online businesses that aim at developing good user experience.

Interaction designers are those who are involved with the creative process such as making websites, games, infomercials, advertising and much more. These designers need to have a unique style, an eye for detail, and magical creative mind. Some of the best interaction designers are Robert Scales, Tom Dobson, Warren Oates, Jerry Ulfman, John Van De Ruit, Bill Atkinson, Tim Kasser, Tom Searick and John Morrison. So, if you dream of becoming an industrial designer, there is no dearth of opportunities around you.