A wedding is an occasion in which two individuals are joined legally in matrimony. The wedding rituals and traditions vary significantly between cultural groups, religious beliefs, cultures, nations, and regions. Some of the most common wedding practices practiced in the United States include:

In ancient times, it was customary for the bride to welcome her groom on his wedding day by placing a pot of water over her head and then bringing him to her. This ritual would signify that her groom was now entering into her life as her husband. In more modern times, guests in the wedding reception give each other wedding favors, usually engraved with the names of the bride and groom, or simply with a heart. These favors are most commonly given to close friends and family, although they can also be given to guests at a wedding ceremony if they are close enough to be guests in addition to a bride and groom.

Sometimes, gay and lesbian couples opt for non-traditional, or not traditional, wedding ceremonies. Commonly, these weddings are called gay wedding but few traditional couples are willing to attend such nuptials. A popular example of a gay wedding is the bachelor party or stag night; this occurs a week or so before the wedding. This is a time when the groom and some of his male friends will spend a night out in order to celebrate the upcoming wedding.

Some couples choose to have a theme for their weddings; they may want to have a beach wedding, or a garden wedding. Some opt to have themed weddings, such as a fairy tale theme, a Victorian themed wedding, or a Jewish wedding. Many couples choose to have themes because they find the styles of these types of weddings appealing to them. Some examples of these themes are Bohemian weddings, Las Vegas weddings, Renaissance themed weddings, Renaissance fairytale weddings, Renaissance themed honeymoons, or Celtic weddings.

Other couples want a more subdued celebration for their special day. For example, they may decide on a simple celebration for their wedding rather than a grand one. Couples who want a subdued wedding ceremony and for-say reception may choose a garden or ranch wedding. If the bride has her own room at a luxury hotel, she may choose to use it as the wedding venue. She can then hire musicians, flowers, decorations, and other elements of her choice. The venue for the wedding ceremony can be as simple as the bride’s family backyard or as elegant as a five star hotel.

Some people also choose to have nondenominational wedding ceremonies because they don’t want to reinforce the message that is common with weddings. For example, if both partners are members of the same sex, there is no need to have a wedding by a man and a woman. This is especially important if you both want to have children in the future. Nontraditional weddings allow you to celebrate your love as a couple without having to say or do certain words or things.