A designer is an individual that creates things by drawing them and then trying to make the public understand the creation through presentation. Designing is often confused with graphic design. A graphic designer does not have to be trained as a designer, as most of their work is done by hand on software.

Graphic designing is the art of visual communication using typography, images, colors and forms to communicate ideas or concepts. Designers range in their area of specialization and can work as designers for advertising agencies, newspapers, magazines, architects, computer programmers, artists, book illustrators and more. A graphic designer is usually involved in conceptualizing the product or in translating an idea into a physical format. A graphic designer also has to be able to interpret his or her design and know how it will appear on many different types of media such as film, books, computer-generated images, video and more. In other words, a graphic designer has to be a pretty good artist as well!

A web designer, on the other hand, creates websites by either designing them from scratch or by hiring a group of web designers or developers to help them. Web designers ranges in their field of specialization; some are technically proficient and specialize in developing corporate websites whereas others help individuals and groups create attractive and interactive websites. Web designers also help establish the look and feel of the website. Some of the areas that a web designer has to concentrate include development of user interfaces, accessibility issues, content management, search engine optimization and developing websites based on business requirements.

Web page designers are involved in making the pages of websites very accessible for all users. It is the job of the web designer to ensure that users can access all information on a website without difficulty or problems. To accomplish this, they use various types of technology including Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), Extensible Markup Language (XML) and JavaScript to make the website easy to navigate. There are also other job areas that a web designer might work on such as making the website more user friendly and interactive.

A graphic designer designs logos, layouts and graphics for websites and visual identity. They usually begin their jobs designing logos for a company before working on any other project. Logo designers have to make sure that they create a logo that will effectively convey the message of the company’s products and services to its target audience. If this is done properly, then the logo will prove to be the key element that will attract many designers towards this particular field of work.

User experience designer designs or user interface designer does most of his work in interaction design. This means that they have to take into consideration the needs and desires of the target audience while designing the website. A user experience designer also has to consider the functionality of the website so that it can provide ease of use by the target audience. He should also think about providing ease of navigation and making it user-friendly. He also takes into consideration how he will make the site attractive and appealing to customers. All these tasks are what user experience designer does in order to make a website functional and attractive.